Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami's itinerary 2013

March 2013
29 Delhi (Abhu) - Berlin
Fligth: Jet Airways 582
Departure Delhi: March 29,  21:30 p.m
Arrival Abhu: March 29,  23:55 p.m 

Fligth: Air Berlin 7495
Departure Abhu: March 30,  2:45 a.m
Arrival Berlin: March 30,  6:35 a.m

April 2013
30 Berlin - Miami
Fligth: Air Berlin 7210
Departure Berlin: April 30,  9:52 a.m
Arrival Miami: April 30,  14:10 p.m

CNN is compiling reports about the festival of Diwali.

In this moments we have the opportunity to celebrate the wonderfull month of kartika, where krishna manifest his Damodara Lila and bring us the opportunity to offer a ghee candle, like a little sign of our love, even though he is in self the real fount of love. This is time of many important celebrations.

Right now Krishna is offering his Darshan to more people in the world trought the famous news agency CNN, who is compiling reports about the festival of Diwali. From differents parts of the world has sent beautiful images full of light and colors.

These images represent the flame of hope which the people of Ayodia preserve, for the soon comeback home of his beloved Ramachandra. this celebration is still present and off course the members of the Vrinda family too. we wait that more temples send his reports and the news continue showing the things that really matter to know.